About the artist

​Leigh Schoenheimer lives and works in Brisbane and is a former long-term Art educator. She conducts a contemporary, multi-disciplinary art practice, working primarily as a painter and sculptor. 


Iterate I Elaborate at Onespace Gallery in March 2018 completed a trifecta of solo exhibitions in which Schoenheimer interrogated the idea of ‘representation’. Two prior shows were held at the Redland Art Gallery (Capalaba) 2017 and the Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery, 2018. These three, connected exhibitions included both 2D paintings and 3D objects in scenarios which created a dialogue between seeing and knowing a subject – underpinning her broad investigation into ‘perception’.


Schoenheimer's sculptures and paintings have recently collided in the 'Construction' series which formed the core of Iterate | Elaborate.  Several of these works can be found on this gallery page.  In an exciting twist, the work presented at Onespace took her exploration to its logical conclusion - a large-scale, immersive installation, which filled one room of the gallery.

Schoenheimer's work has been short listed in an impressive number of national art prizes for both painting and sculpture. These can be found on her CV. She is also one of several artists whose work has been featured as a case study in the recently released, senior, visual arts textbook Creative Inquiry,  published by Cambridge University Press. A digital version of this is available here.





Artist's Statement

 “Through my work I, pose questions about what it is ‘to make pictures’. At first, each work takes the form of a seductively coloured still-life painting. Through the device of multi-panelled ‘storyboards’, I take the viewer on a visual journey from realism to abstraction and beyond, in order to establish a connection between different modes of visual expression. Throughout this pictorial conversation I make continual reference to the imagery and styles of the many 20th century artists who re-wrote the rule-book on image making, and whose work continues to pose challenges to many viewers today,

over 100 years later!”